Vision Statement

Our vision is to aspire for achieving manufacturing excellence in delivering what we promise the customer and become Indian steel industry's benchmark for value creation.

  • Safety is mandate
  • Delivery performance is the ticket to the game
  • Supply chain velocity is about efficient use of capital, reducing lead time and driving continuous improvement through a relentless reduction in inventory
  • Setting high standards by investing in research and significant importance to quality
  • Conversion costs reduction throughout the chain is relentlessly pursued
  • ...and these will only be delivered by appropriate process capability
  • and control and asset utilization
  • ...and the above is achieved by creating high performance work teams

At Colorshine, we produce pre-painted steel but we sell trust.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the steel industry with the best pre-painted steel product and service, in terms of quality, time and cost.

For us, serving our customers to the best of our ability is our primary concern, and we do this by

  • Meeting their requirements in terms of quality and service
  • Guaranteeing quality and attention to detail
  • Ensuring punctuality and satisfaction for products and services rendered.